Special Moments in Life

Have you ever had that slit second special moment in life where you’d give anything to have recorded it on video or photo?

I think most of us have had many moments life that. When our baby says their first word, or takes their first step. My friend just happened to catch the moment he met his wife on video. We see photos and video now that 15 years ago we would have dreamt about. With the use of our cell phones that now have both camera and video every moment of our life can be recorded.

Is this a great thing or bad thing? How many times have things have been caught on video where you know the people wish were not?

With access to that video recorder typically in our hands or on our side a lot of special moments have been caught that would have typically been lost forever. Not really lost but only known to us in our memories. I still think of things from 40 years ago where I think dam I’d given anything to have had a camera or video camera back then.

We are living in a time where it has been documented more than any other time in history. I have 1 old photo of my great grandfather. Just one single image of him standing in a pair of overalls. My great grandchildren will know what I look like at different ages in my life, know how I sounded, and can see me walking, talking, and telling jokes. In many ways I truly envy them for that. But do I really? I look back at my grandfather and use my imagination to fill in all the blanks about him. In my eyes he is this larger than life and a great man! But had he been better documented with photos, and videos would I still look at him the same way? Or would I see him as he actually was, a mortal flawed man. Maybe I wouldn’t like him as a person. I may thing he’s an asshole or something.  I won’t be around to see what will happen but I pray my great great grandchildren look back and say, wow great great granddad was OK.


My Great Grandfather Morrison

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