10 Awesome Foods I Love!

tacojohns1. Almond Crusted Grouper – The only place I know to do this is Peck’s Restaurant in Ozello, Florida. This is awesome! Everytime I go there I can’t bring myself to order anything but this.

2. Hooter Buffalo Shrimp – If it were not for the cost I’d get me some of these TMI or HOT everyday. The only downside is 10 isn’t enough, I was 20. If you haven’t tried these do, you’ll love the breaded shrimp.

3. Checkers Hot Apple Pies – These are to me that crack is to a drug addict. I can’t say NO. Freakin’ Checker will put them 2 for $1.00 which means I’ll eat two of them…damn it.

4. Tai chicken with peanut sauce. I’ve heard this called Tai Amazing, Tai Chicken in Spicy Peanut Sauce, etc. This is an awesome dish and made it in the top 5 favorites.

5. Taco Johns Taco Bravo! I’m a Taco conosur and these are the best. I’m a Taco Tico fan but they are NO longer in Florida. It’s been years since I ate there. If you are ever around Tavares, Florida stop in an get a couple Taco Bravo’s… you won’t be sorry.

6. Krispy Kreme Donut – glazed or chocolate covered creame filled. OMG, now I want to drive 50 miles to get a few of these. Sad thing is they are worth it to me.

7. Shannon’s Enchalada’s – Shannon’s cooking has went from OK, and after 20 years she can hold her own with anybody. She is a very good cook. These Enchalada’s are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. But so is her Meatloaf, Banana Pudding, coleslaw, green bean casarole, and many more food dishes. She is Fantastic!

8. Chicken, Filet, and Shrimp Combo meal from a Japanese Steak House. For the price I always leave full and I always love the food. Damn now I want to go there and can’t aford it. lol

9. Hot Fudge Sundae, 3 scoups of Pralines and Cream icecream, extra hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and a big cherry on top… need I say more?

10. White Castle Hamburgers – Maybe it’s because I can’t have them, or that it was a cheap meal while in High School, or they’re just damn good but these are always great. I will typcially eat myself sick. No fries, no cheese, just a bag full of burgers….yummy!

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