If I only Grew 5 Peppers?

A coupe of time I’ve been ask, If I could only grow 5 peppers what would they be?

  1. Thai Orange – for all oriental dishes and soups
  2. Cumari – Best pepper for making sauces (dam it’s good)
  3. Aji Lemon – for the best sauces ever… fish, chicken, eggs, burgers, etc.
  4. Chocolate Habanero – for powder. Goes good in just about everything.
  5. Bubble Gum x Moruga – It’s not the hottest but it’s my go to when I want to really heat some soups up.

Before I get a bunch of emails explaining why I didn’t include some main peppers. I can go to Publix grocery store and buy jalapenos, Serrano, pablanos, orange habanero, green and red peppers any day. I could also buy cayenne pepper and crushed red peppers off the shelf. Now if I couldn’t buy any peppers I would have to rethink my choices to include the jalapenos and Serrano.


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