My Top 5 Conspiracies

paul_fuck_youI always try to look at things with an open mind. I used to laugh at the people who I thought might wear an aluminum hat. Sadly the older I get I feel that I need to be wearing the aluminum hat sometimes. Here are my 5 biggest conspiracies.

  1. Moon Landing – did it really happen or did Hollywood make it happen?
  2. Elvis – There are so many signs pointing to he didn’t die that day.
  3. Marijuana Conspiracy – This was a true proven conspiracy.
  4. Pearl Harbor – before anyone says anything go look at the Pearl Harbor Conspiracy. Did we allow this to happen.
  5. 9-11 – the more I read and listen to some of the so called proof about 9-11, the more questions I have. It’s just so hard to think that our government could have had a hand in this.

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