Shaggy the Little Bigfoot

little bigfoot9

Poor little orphaned Bigfoot, we named him Shaggy.  We found him the woods up by Chasawiska, Florida.  He was exhausted and looked like he had been chased and mistreated by other animals or humans. I don’t think he would have made it another day or so if we hadn’t spotted him lying in the woods.

We brought him home and named him Shaggy, only because his hair was long and matted up. My wife and daughters nursed him back to health with cream, oatmeal, some cream of wheat, and baby formula. We also gave him some baby vitamins and everything seem to help.

Shaggy is very intelligent but of course does cannot speak, at least human language. Some things he mumbles though do sound like words of some type. He remembers where everything is at, he’ll watch the girls put something up and then a day or two later goes to where they put it, especially food.

We are keeping him a secret for the most part because if the government finds out about him they’ll take him and put him in some lab to study him. He’d spend his life in a small metal cage with concrete floors. He’s still a small baby so we will protect him and raise him till he can take care of himself.  Yes he is a boy, some asked how could I tell… really… maybe I guessed with the 2 balls and polish sausage hanging between his legs. duh

I will keep everyone informed of his experiences and adventures… Shaggy the Little Bigfoot.

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