Who Are We…

bigrich86Who Are We:

  • Dad (Richard Elzey)
  • Mom  (Shannon)
  • Richie – (oldest)
  • Eric – (youngest son)
  • Faith (Daughter)
  • Isabella (youngest)

Happily married (23+ yrs). Children: 2 wonderful boys, and 2 beautiful girls.

Dad teaches for the Contractors Institute – since 1992, wow 25 years.  Mom is a housewife.

Why a Website: Why not? Something to play around with.

Live / Work: Instructor (Contractors Institute) / Creative Engineer from Spring Hill, Florida. I’m also a ‘Master Mason’ of the Siloam Lodge #399. Richie works for the school system, Eric works for the Contractors Institute as well working for the IT department. Mom has the hardest job of all of us… she is a stay home mom, sounds easy… 80+ hours per week is work.

Pets: Two dogs, German Shepherd (Hattie), and a Yorkie (Mr. Flowers) We also have a Miniature Pig (Roscoe)

Hobbies: Motorcycle, Geocaching, photography, making videos,  fishing, growing trees, and peppers, watching movies, reading adventure books, cooking, recipes, and etc…

Music: This is always tough because there are so many. Kid Rock, AC/DC, Meatloaf, Statler Brothers (strange I know), Night Ranger, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Dire Straits, The Ebony Hillbilly’s,  Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, and many more.

Books: I have over 100 cookbooks as well…

Favorite TV shows: hmm…. there’s Big Bang Theory,  News, and the History Channel, – TV is Dead and is so full of propaganda it’s almost bad to watch! ABC / NBC / CNN are all Fake News.

Movies: John Adams, Band of Brothers, Pacific, Lawrence of Arabia, The Third Man (1949), The Dream Team, Ted