My 8 Month Old German Shepherd

I love my dog, but she’s has torn up so much… 2 grill covers, swimming pool liner, hoses, peppers, planting pots, pool floats, shoes, yards, cups, bowls, garbage, submersible pump, bike tire, etc.. on and on! Hey but that’s what puppy German shepherds do, I just have to keep reminding my wife so she doesn’t kill her. LOL

I got her to watch my kids when they were outside playing in the yard… she earns her keep. Everyone has to come through the house before she’ll allow them in the back yard.  I’m having her spayed this Friday. Never think the cost of an animal is the purchace price! With food, vet, training class, and things that get destroyed add up quick! But she’s worth it!

hattie 8 months