The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Well I’m a Lord of the Rings fan, so the Hobbit series has to be great as well. I’ve read the books and thought Peter Jackson did an excellent job extracting the printed information and making the stories come alive. Yes I do understand that Jackson added some to it, but heck 1 book was three long movies. What he added didn’t take away from the original story line.

He did write in a few characters that still have me scratching my head. I think he just wanted to connect the hobbit to the Lord of the Rings a little more. But it really didn’t matter, I loved the movies. I enjoyed watching the Hobbit go on another adventure. It was very entertaining and at the end of it all that was what was important to me.

So Yes, I love all three movies of the Hobbit… There and Back!

American Sniper…

TA3A5741.DNGIt was not what I was expecting, not that I was really expecting anything. It told a story of a Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, who was the sniper with the most confirmed kills in U.S. history. It credits him with over 160 kills but his Navy Seal team said that number was more than doubled but they were unconfirmed kills. That is amazing, but at the same time sad. This man killed single handedly over 320 people. I understand it was his job and that is what he was trained to do but he had to sleep with that every day. I just don’t know how you’d turn something that off. Today it’s OK to kill anyone you had to , but tomorrow back in what we call the real world it would be considered an heinous crime.

I’m not judging Mr. Kyle in anyway, he has (had) my utmost respect. I salute him for his service, he’s a HERO. He did what most of us couldn’t do.

In my opinion it was a good movie, not a great movie. I’m sure it was very close to what actually is happening in the middle east , and Bradley Cooper did an excellent job.

I understand that there is a lot of things in this world that has to be done, but I also realize that most of us don’t want to believe it or know about it. Is that burying my head in the sand… probably, but that does work for me in something like this.

Movie Reviews – Gravity

Gravity-film-Sandra-BullockHow many times has someone told you “It’s a must see movie”, or “You have to watch it!” , and when you do watch it you’re like…are they kidding me. The movie was bad or only a C rating. I just had this happen with the movie “Gravity”. A bunch of people told me how great it was and it has  Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, and Ed Harris, so it must be OK. Wrong it was a C- movie at best.

Gravity starts out and they’re already in space working on the Hubble telescope. Russia blows one of their satellites and cause a chain reaction destroying all sorts of other satellites, space stations, and everything else in it’s path. Everyone is dies except Sandra Bullock and she’s not an enthused astronaut. But she make it to the Chinese space station and uses an escape pod to get out of there.

Sandra look horrible in this movie. Her cute, girl next door, look has gone. NOw she looks like a lady that would keep a lot of cats or something. If I could do it over I wouldn’t even rent the DVD. I may have watch it if it came out on TV or something.


300: Rise of an Empire

My son and I went and watched “300: Rise of an Empire”  tonight. I sort of like the first one but the movie did tie into the first movie and it was action packed. Very rarely was there moment without action in it.  The movie also left an opening for another movies as well.

Instead of the movie being just about the Spartans it was about all Greeks.  They were fighting on one front with the original 300 was fighting on the other.  If the other one comes out I’ll go see it at the theater!


Sometimes it’s not the movies that’s playing it’s spending time with my son!

Lone Ranger

For What It’s Worth~ (This is a replacement for Feb 25) It’s MIA?

lone-rangerSo the new movie, “The Lone Ranger” has been out on DVD for awhile now. I watched it a couple weeks ago and didn’t find it to be the bad movie that most reviews said it was. I think what it was it didn’t follow the typically Lone Ranger. This guy fumbled his way around with the help of Tonto. Tonto was clearly the intended star of the movie. (of course it was Johnny Depp)

So the next time you read a review about it ignore it and rent the movie. See for yourself, it has humor, and a few good action scene. If you look back on the whole “Lone Ranger” series he was a pretty corny guy. Why did Tonto stay with him to be his flunky. Tonto always had to do all the meaningless shit work… poor Indian discrimination.

I wouldn’t give it a five star rating but I can say it’s worth watching. Probably more realistic that any  Clayton Moore or John Hart ever did.

We are the MIllers – review

We're the Millers2For What It’s Worth ~

This movie wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be, but it was way better. This movies is funny as anything I’ve seen in the past 10 years.  Jennifer Aniston has always played the same role to me. She a beautiful woman but I don’t like her in a lot of movies. I’m really not sure what I expected out of the movie but I laughed my head off. And, it was days before I could get, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” out of my head.

It was loaded with a whole lot of great scene and I thought some good acting.  Jason Sudeikis, Will Poulter, and cute Emma Roberts all did a great job in the comedy movie.

Again I was expecting a mediocre movie and walked away knowing I’ll watch “We are the Millers” more than once. Yes, watch this movie!

SuperMan – Man of Steel

supermanFor What It’s Worth ~

Superman – Man of Steel was my favorite superman movie, but it is the newest. Superman has always been my favorite super hero, well him and the Hulk. But I like the new look and the darker side of Superman. The one thing that has always bothered me about superman was that he’s almost to good. Red – White – and Blue, the American way. There is nothing wrong with that, Captain America still plays off that. But Superman is here from another planet for all mankind, not just the American Way.

I see that there is a Batman vs. Superman movie coming out. I’m not sure how good that will be and even if I’ll spend the $10 to go to the movie theater to see it. We shall see…?

Superman – Man of Steel is definitely worth watching. I sorry that it took me so long to finally watch it.

Thor 2 – review

thor2For What It’s Worth ~

Thor was another GREAT movie. In some spots I think a little more explanation was needed. For me it left a lot of questions unanswered. It had great special effects, some great acting, but it was the plot. What happened to Oden? What is the new power source? We watched Loki get a sword shoved through him and he lived?

I’m glad I went to the theater to see and and I would highly recommend it. But I’m a comic book movie lover so pretty much all the super hero movies I liked.

I did notice the minor costume changes in Thor, but hey every super hero needs a little update every now and then.

White House Down – review

tatumFor What It’s Worth ~

My family and I all watched, “White House Down”. We all seem to enjoy it. I thought it was full of action and the better of the two movies about the white house being under attack.

It’s odd that two movies, “White House Down” and “Olympus Has Fallen” came out at about the same time. Both movies were about the white house been attacked and terrorist taking it over.  To me it seems as if the would have waited a year to release the movie they both could have made more money.

I can say I would watch either movie again but this movie was my favorite. Watch both and tell me you opinion on it. Which one is better to you?

Angels Sing – movie review

For What It’s Worth ~

whenangelssingMy wife put this in, Angels Sing. It’s a Christmas movie and isn’t something I would normally watch, but having said that I’m not disappointed in having watched it. It was a classic theme Christmas movie.  I’ve always like Harry Connick Jr., Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.  Bunch of other stars and it’s definitely worth watching at the holidays.