My Top 5 Conspiracies

paul_fuck_youI always try to look at things with an open mind. I used to laugh at the people who I thought might wear an aluminum hat. Sadly the older I get I feel that I need to be wearing the aluminum hat sometimes. Here are my 5 biggest conspiracies.

  1. Moon Landing – did it really happen or did Hollywood make it happen?
  2. Elvis – There are so many signs pointing to he didn’t die that day.
  3. Marijuana Conspiracy – This was a true proven conspiracy.
  4. Pearl Harbor – before anyone says anything go look at the Pearl Harbor Conspiracy. Did we allow this to happen.
  5. 9-11 – the more I read and listen to some of the so called proof about 9-11, the more questions I have. It’s just so hard to think that our government could have had a hand in this.

Traveling Jase wants to Travel!

Hey guys… I’m traveling Jase. I want to travel all over and have my photo taken. You can take my photo however you want and send it back to me and I’ll post them on the website. If you are interest and can send him on within a few days let me know. Email Me Here!


Once you photo is taken I’ll send you another address to send him along. He will fit in a medium envelope or box. (very light) It’ll probably be $3 – $4 to ship so if that is not acceptable please don’t participate. I’ll include a small notebook so you can leave a message.