Welcome to the Neighborhood
Spring Hill, Florida. This site is for News and Happenings that are going on around us. If you know of any "Things To Do" or you're having an event please drop me an invite to come take some photos. (Email Me)

Spring Hill Fountain

Guest Articles / Photographers
Spring Hill doesn't belong just to me so I'm always open for Guest Articles. If you'd like to post here or in the blog let me know. If you have some photos of Spring Hill and you'd like to share please email those to me and I'll get them posted. I try to keep everything anonomous on the site and the blog, unless you'd prefer credit. (photos of Spring Hill, Florida)

About the Author
My name is Richard Elzey and I'm a resident of Spring Hill, Florida. I've lived here in Spring Hill since 1996. I'm in my uppers 40's (almost 50), happily married, with 2 great boys. Again fell free to ask anything and I'll try to be honest in my post.